Is it possible to use the object material as freestyle line color?

Hi there, I’m pretty new to Blender and am currently trying out a lot of things with Blender’s Freestyle tool. The following work is a 3D scanned object. I’m not sure if this was done with Blender, but I’m trying to do similar things with my own scanned 3D objects in Blender. As you can see, the lines are coloured like the material of the underlying object. So far I don’t see any way to achieve this with Freestyle. Maybe some of you have an idea? Maybe it’s possible with a different approach in Blender like LANPR, scripting or compositing? Or maybe it is not possible with Blender at all? Any idea and thought is very welcome!

Thanks a lot in advance!!

I think you can try the wireframe modifier.

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Hey, thanks for your quick response.This looks promising, I’ll have a closer look at it!