Is it possible to write a compositor node in Python

I want to develop a very simple Compositor node which allows me to apply 3D lookup tables for color grading.

From what information I gathered so far, it is not possible to do this entirely in Python, or is it? I’m just looking for confirmation if this can be done as a Python addon or if it needs C(++) code.

If it needs C(++), what’s the best example node to look at, to get into Blender development.

It needs C, I would talk to Lukas Tonne on blender coders for advice on the compositor because he has given it an overhaul recently.

Ok, thanks a lot Linusy.

I got curious and looked a bit, have to say I did not get that far though.
Have a look here

Thanks. I had a look at the node sources and it seems pretty straight forward. I already got my PyNode UI, now I just have to write the C++ part. I’m compiling the Blender source code right now.

Still I would have prefered a Python-only solution as it is easier to distribute and saves me from compiling Blender all the time.