Is it possibly to render/export just audio?

I am working on a lip sync, but I am exporting it to UDK, and I don’t want to put together all the sound effects again in the other program. Can I just export all the audio that I put together into one single audio file (like WAV or MP3)?

I’ve come in here with the same question in mind, so I’m guessing not.

I seem to remember the output render options of older Blender versions had WAV and MP3 amidst the image & video choices, though I could be mistaken. It’s not there at the moment, so I assume the way to go would be to render as a movie (with sound) and then use an external program (e.g. ffmpeg) to pull the sound out of the movie as a separate file.

Is kind of 'round-about though. Anyone know if there’s a more efficient way to do X3SB’s question?

Yes it is possible, click on the “Scene” Icon and click “mixdown” then you select what format you need. See the screen shot attached.