is it posssible to make a skin shader like his with nodes?

I stumbled on this tutorial: and I was wondering if doing that would be possible in Blender using material nodes. i’m playing around with it myself a bit

this is exactly what i’m trying to do right now. what a coincidence! i’ll post something on this thread whenever i come close to a finished product. perhaps we could shoot pointers at eachother until we both get it down.

I’m interested in this too.

If you could post screenshots of your node setup, or the actual blend files that would be great, as there is a lack of docs on material nodes and their use.


yeah. i’m totaly confused about nodes in general lol. but i’m still playing around with this.

Here’s what i have so far. I’m totally out of my element with this node business so i wasn’t able to really control everything. the terminator still has a lot of grey and the extra specular layer has a big bright spot for no good reason. hopefully with our powers combined we can all crack this egg or stop polution or whatever.
also, the mesh is uber-low poly so you might want to try it out on a better mesh. furthermore, the diffuse material has a ramp. i’ll post the material specs if they are necessary


that looks prett good actaully :), maybe turn on subsurf tho :wink:

edit. try it on the monkey with subsurf on :slight_smile:

as requested, here’s the same material on suzanne with two iterations of subdivison.
also, here are the material settings for “Toon2” in the node chain. the texture “FlatCol” in slot 1 is a blend texture mapped to orco and color with the minimum and maximum colors both set to E9BDB5. for some reason i was able to get better results from the toon shader with a color texture (e.g. see Colin Lister’s shader settings on the flags in the BSoD Materials Introduction).
the “bumpies” textures are verbatim the “clouds” textures in the BSoD Character Animation tutorial.
the other material is (or should be) Spec only, Toon: Spec 2, Size 0.35, Smooth 0.55
I’ll Keep working on this. I hope anyone who is interested in this thread will take a swing at it as well. the things that probably need the most work are controling the terminator depth and the secondary specular material


It looks pretty good to me, but i guess it needs more texture, i’m using an image texture for a normal map and it looks pretty good

I was playing around with it, and I came up with this:

I think it looks ok. Still working on it though, I based it off of your nodes set up frankeometry, but this is what I have: