is it pssible for two people to have the same ip address?

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is it pssible for two people to have the same ip address?

some guy just got banned from another forum(mektek) and i have the same ip address. or so says a moderator. i show at about the same time he gets banned. lucky me. :x :x :x

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I dont think it is possible…except if he hacked you and then changed his ip address to have yours…but I dont think…Do you know him? He could have taked your user and pass to enter…

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i ahve dial up will my ip address change every time i dial up?

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Sort of. This PC has the same IP addy as the one next to it, as seen from outside my little home LAN… unless this guy lives with you, and you share an internet connection, you can rule out that one. :slight_smile:

Most likely, it’s someone with the same ISP as you. He logs on, gets an IP, gets that one banned. You log on, and then get that IP by bad luck. What type of connection do you have? If it’s dialup, try reconnecting, that should get you a different IP addy. If it’s cable, you’ve got to do a bit more… but you can get a new one issued. Did they guy ban a single IP addy, or a whole range of them?


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Dail up then, yes Dittohead, reconnecting should get you a new IP address.


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this sucks. EVERYONE hated this guy, and now i’m getting a whippen’.

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap !!!

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i feel sick.

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Ditto, you said you have dial up, and yes it does change every time you log on, but as I understand it, and please correct me, or give out better info, a webmaster, or whatever, can only ban a certain range. So that if someone is so awful, that the webmaster needs to ban an address, he may be blocking an entire “block” of numbers from an internet provider. And you happen to be within that block that the IP keeps assigning.

Anyway, you can try calling your internet provider and ask them if there is any way to get reassigned??? I don’t think there is, but it can’t hurt??

Good luck, Love Ingie

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well they kinda believe me now, if i flame anyone i’ll be banned.

but have i flamed anyone here in all my near 600 posts?

i don’t think we have to worry about me flaming anyone.

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If you use a web proxy to browse the 'net, then you’ll appear to have the same IP as everyone else using the same proxy.
ISPs like you to use the proxy, since it makes more efficient use of their bandwidth, lowering their costs. For example, mine gives me a discounted rate if I use their proxy (I’m charged per MB - direct traffic costs about 50% than proxied).
Now, where it gets interesting is, some ISPs will force you to use their proxy, using something called a “transparent proxy”. With this, your computer thinks it’s talking directly to a website, but will actually be redirected through the proxy. From your point of view, you’re talking to the website. From the website’s point of view, they’re talking to the proxy.
This could mean that when banning a “user’s” IP address, they might actually be banning the ISP’s proxy, effectively banning eveyone that uses that ISP :o

To see what IP address websites think you have, take a look at this: What Am I?
This page interprets the contents of HTTP requests, and will tell you the IP address it came from. It will also show any listed proxies the request went through, although if you’re being transparently proxied it probably won’t.
If the IP address shown here is not the same as the IP address allocated to you when you dial up, then you are going through a proxy.

If you’re using linux, entering this command in a terminal/shell/console should show you your allocated IP address

ifconfig ppp0

(Un)Fortunately, If you’re not using linux I can’t show you how to get your IP. It can be done, it’s probably easy, but I just don’t know how :slight_smile:

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on most windows you can enter ‘winipcfg’ in the run box, or I think you can ty ‘ipconfig’ in a dos prompt. Not sure though, I haven’t used windows in quite a while.

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another moderator checked my ip address for some of my posts, they were all differant, the flamer guy’s ip address stayed that same since he registered. that idiot moderator who only checked it once should get banned himself, do you know how many flmes i got before they re checked??!?!?

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maybe you ARE the flamer.

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i oughta flame ya. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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A knowledgeable webmaster with decent control could do either, but if the offending user has dialup, then they tend to have to block a whole ISP, just depends on how well they know their stuff, and how thoroughly they checked the person they wanted to ban.