Is it real, or is it Memorex?


Doesn’t look real.

I would have to agree . . .

Oh yeah, but I would guess that the point is how close can we get to making things realistic?

That is a VERY interesting article… thank you.

To be honest, I was utterly unaware that Davey Jones was entirely a CGI effect until i saw some thing about it on TV after i had seen Dead Man’s Chest. I thought it was a guy with makeup and really really good prosthetics with maybe some augmentation effects for closeups or when he does stuff (like blow out the match through his face-hole… thing). After looking at it for a long time I think the reason that looked so real was because it was in a real environment, acting with real people. Not only that, but because he was in a real environment, they obviously did everything possible to match the lighting, which probably lead to some really really complex lighting setups. I think in movies where everything is CG the lighting might be the thing that really kills it… they just can’t get the same level of subtlety because they don’t have a real-world example they are trying to match up with, so it will just not look as real to us.

Personally, while hyper-realistic graphics are amazing and it is for some studios the ultimate goal, i don’t really find much appeal in it. A lot of the greatest moments in film history were just done off the cuff by the actor… you can’t get that sort of a performance from an effect… the people animating them may have to be actors, but until someone as good as Deniro, Eastwood, Pacino or Hopkins at acting decides to waste their talent to become an animator, i don’t think that sort of a performance will ever be attainable. And even if it IS possible that one of the many animators out there is really that great, then their work in a huge film like this would be at most a scene or three… there are too many hands involved for the performances to ever truly be great, i think.

Not to knock animation at all. Some of my favorite films are animated flicks. I just think it would be a better idea to move away from the hyper-realistic stuff instead of always trying to make things look more real. I believe that one of the best things about animation is the instant suspension of disbelief that takes place. You KNOW it’s animated, so the whole problem of getting the audience to ‘play along’ is pretty much guaranteed as soon as they buy the ticket. Most films need about 5 or 10 minutes before people can get that fully involved with the characters and story, but with animation it’s instantaneous. The further away from reality you get, the more people seem to be able to identify with it. The smiley-face is one of the most common and well known symbols of all time, and it’s ‘face’ is two dots and a line inside a circle. It looks nothing at all like a human - it’s not even colored like a human - but we instantly see ourselves in it. That’s where I’d rather see people do some experimenting.

wats memorex

Ooops sorry. That should have been “Is it live or is it Memorex