is it REALLY that bad?????


look here no one seems to say anything about this pic i spent ges on it and in my expiriance when no one says anything it means that its just to bad even to venture commenting on…

Not bad at all.

Nice explosion, would like a better angle on the plane if you want any comments on the model.

  1. pofo

bad compostion for some feedback. that’s the problem. i mean you can’t really see anything except for sky. bring the planes in and show us what you made. from here i could say maybe some detail? texturing? but really who knows? we can’t see haha

You already did some good work.
There are some sticky points though.

The planes are the actors, so show them more.
The attitude of the bombers is interesting. It would be better if we could se some dammage after such an explosion.
Display the firefighter in a more dramatic pose : looks like a tourist there.

What are those strange dot formations among the clouds. Never seen them in the sky here.

Keep on.

where did u post it last that u got no replies???
i think its pretty good, but a closer better angle near the plane and explosion would make it a helluvalot better =) thats a great explosion and planes! gives some close-ups to show them off