Is it right to use Blender for such kind of animation? Animated caption for video

I want to make animated caption for video. It will be in the lower third part of frame.


0:30. Two rectangles appeared - blue and light gray. Next step letters appeared on rectangles. Next step letters disappeared. Next step rectangles disappeared.

I am not going to copy one to one this animation. I want to use another colors, another font.

Is it right to use Blender for such kind of animation?

It is possible to do in Blender but as this is a pure 2D Animation with only basic shapes it is mich easier to do in a software specifically designed for 2D Animation

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@Patrick Thank you, Patrick.

Software for 2D Animation.




@MarioPeper. Mario, please tell your opinion.

Hello @Konskoo, in the past I have done such things in “Flash”, but that was for educational software. For video you should dive into “DaVinci Resolve” or “After Effects”. If you want to stay with open source, look at “Natron”. For Blender you can install “Animation Nodes” (Addon). This has the advantage that you can do such things in 3 dimensions. But synfic and pencel 2d can do that (from your link) too. If you haven’t done any vector animations yet, pencel 2d will give you a good introduction to the basics and will not overwhelm you with functions. This is a great advantage for beginners. Synfic is much more complex. Learning this makes more sense if you only want 2d-animation art. But even then Blender (grease pencil) gives you much more possibilities. My estimation for you: play around with pencil 2d and adapt it to blender. Once you understand the basics, install Ainimation Nodes and make real motion graphics. :wink:

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@MarioPeper. Thank you, Mario.