Is it safe to remove invisible for camera poligons from lowpoly model?

It seems no problem at all, but may there be some underwater stones, which i don’t know about, and more experienced users can enlighten my ignorance :slight_smile:
Won’t there be some texture baking issues later or something like that? It seems silly to ask such questions, but it is better ask once than waste time for models remaking later.

For example i have a high poly and low poly models of belt. Can i remove polygones from inner part of low poly model, where camera never see them? It would greatly reduce number of polygones, would allow to make more simple UV, and seems no problem at all.

if you are sure that player or customer has no chance to see it, remove it.

If you swear your Hero will never take it off - imho there are no tripping wires around…Quick experiment on default torus? -

Many thanks guys! I will now remove polygones which camera never see. Mostly it is inner parts of belts, cartridges and such.
This will help me greatly reduce polygon count. I might even fit polygone budget now :slight_smile:

“It’s an honorable thing to do.” You never saw the inside of any of the buildings in “Dodge City” on any Western movie or TV show … because they didn’t exist. If the outside was the only thing that the camera cared about, that’s all they built. (Every now and then, you can catch a crew-member smoking or something, through a window or a door.)

I typically build one set of faces that I’m ‘sure’ will never, ever be seen, and then I paint those faces fluorescent orange, so that when :rolleyes: I do see one, the error stands out and can be fixed.