Is it safe to use 2.8 blender for main work to save?

I’d like to practice with 2.8 alpha and become familiar with the new blender. But I don’t know if it’s yet safe enough to be able to expect the save files to survive.

2.8 alpha is not a thing since november. there is very stable beta version now. I’m using blender 2.8 since July. It crashes from time to time but since it has autosave every 2 minutes I think it is save. It didn’t happend to that it corrupted a file and now it is more and more stable every day since 2.80 is feature complete already.

Yes it’s safe , blender is still in beta and compatibility breakage can append, but it’s really a small probability and that won’t make all your .blend broken . Maybe a small parameter to tweak , but once again, most time something change devs add a function that update old .blends to the new behaviour once you open them in a new version.

You can get the newest version here.
the build is updated everyday with new bug fixes