Is it straightforward to transfer one rig to another similar character mesh?

This has been asked before and every answer I see is complex and hard to understand.

But let’s say I have a rigged Daz model that I’ve imported and I want to export the base mesh to something like Zbrush to sculpt on it and then bring it back with the same overall shape but very different topology. Can I somehow ‘project’ the old rig onto the new mesh? I don’t care about poses or animations, just keeping it in the T pose and I’ll adjust that later.

In theory it’s extremely simple, just parent the new object to the rig with Automatic Weights. In practice… well, guess you’ll have to try it and see :wink:


Hum, yes if you don’t change the overall shape, then the joins of the rigs will still be at the right place.
What you’ll loose by doing so is skinning information, aka vertex groups, aka “how much each particular vertex is moved by each particular bone”.
If you redo- the topology that information is no longer available. So in the end, actually it’s more a skinning problem than a rigging problem.

To fix it, you can either , as @joseph suggest restart from scratch and assign new weights using the automated weights function, which seems a good option.

Or you can use data transfer modifier to try to transfer old vertex groups ( from your orginal daz 3D mesh) into the new one.

Both method aren’t perfect and you’ll probably have to do manual tweaks to have a better result.
At least it depends on how clean and precise you want the result to be.