is it that hard?


im new to bender, ive seen a lot of amazing work done with it and i want to learn, i have some experience with basic 3d programs…

one thing that scares me a little is the animation, apparently its so hard that most of the people make images?

and another question i would like to get answered is that if it was possible to import “curiouslabs poser” animations into blender? this is what im mostly looking for…

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can impot poser anims into blender.

The animation system can be hard and ornery at times, but once you get to know it, it can be fun to work with. Another reason that people make stills instead of vids is that vids take longer to make, and forever to render.


thanks for your reply and i found a tutorial to import poser animations at

just in case some ppl didnt know…