Is it time to change Poor Pluto ?

Yea just like in the topic to add something fresh ;] vote

well, although it’s a very nice pic and pluto became a good companion over the months, i would like to see something new as well

i guess it would be about time, though i do like the poor pluto image a lot, so no disrespect here :slight_smile:

I love that “Poor Pluto” pic… but yeah, it is time!

I never really liked the image that much. The idea behind it is decent but I think there’s better work that could go in the header even by M.h.p.e. I also think it isn’t very fair to keep one artist’s image up for so long. There ought to be a strict time limit for everyone.

Any votes for Bikkie Dikkie? :eyebrowlift:

I would quite like to see images where the color schemes match the changing seasons. @ndy’s Fallen image would be great IMO for winter time.

I suspect the biggest issue is getting an image to crop properly into that size while still getting the message across.

1 vote for bikkie dikkie here :smiley:

I think this was brought up a little while ago and I remember a mod saying that the one person who is able to change the pic hasn’t been available.

But yeh, something as blatant as the picture that’s at the top of the website all the time should be readily changeable.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that image, but what about all the great images that aren’t being shown? Nobody should hold the spotlight too long, and Poor Pluto has had the spotlight for long enough.

Time for a change!

Actually I’d change the header more frequently than it is done at the moment - there were like two images since the concept was realized, as far as I can remember (the crashed ship and now Poor Pluto)…not really that much.

So, I’d vote for more variation up there, and that more frequently.

Yes I totally agree with that even if poor pluto is a nice pic we want Fresh Meat! and the more frequently change possible to :slight_smile: like changing 1 time every month?

i think we should have a compotition once a month for an new image

Yeah, I remember one of the mods (or an admins) saying that too. I believe they said it was Goofster that is the only one that can change it, and he is busy with so many things, he doesn’t have enough time. Or something like that…

But I agree it is time for it to be changed. I think that maybe Goofster could give one of the admins the power to change it. Perhaps it could be changed monthly or bi-monthly then.
I would guess that Goofster will get the banner figured out the same time he gets the news page figured out.

Yea, it seems like an eternity since “Poor Pluto” was put up.

With all those great pieces in the gallery, the forum banner life span should be no more than a week.

The problem is that you currently need to have ftp access to change the code that points to the picture. The current location of the banner is

But it could be arranged, using the forum software, to host the image somewhere on the site without requiring ftp access. For example, our avatars are hosted on the site and we can change them at will - so even we have a limited way of uploading an image onto the blenderartists servers.

That way, Goofster only has to make one small change to the code, to direct it to an image that the mods can change, and then the mods would be in charge of managing when the image changes. You’d just need to take the image from a predesignated place that the mods have access to. You would simply name the image mainbanner.jpg or some such thing. Then the mods would simply have to replace the image every now and then, keeping the name of the image file as mainbanner.jpg and it will in turn update the header.

well the vote says it all good to know that not only i think poor pluto gona say bye bye ;]

I think they should have one of my awesome images up there. Oh Crap… Wait a minute… I don’t have any… Y E T. :eyebrowlift:

There was a topic about this in the website and forum section (this is in the wrong topic, btw). Goofster has apparently been extremely busy lately.

But yes, it’s time to change Poor Pluto to something different, even though it’s a fantastic image. There’s a nice assortment of images to choose from.

so if there will be a poll about voting for new image post it here ok ;]

This has actually been discussed by the mods recently… the issue is that only one person has access to the banner-changing thing, and he hasn’t been around lately.

Poor pluto, everyone hates him.

You are all bullies.

Yeh this must be the most ostracized he’s ever been. We should be ashamed of ourselves. :no: