Is it unprofessional if my portfolio was on a Facebook page?

I’m working on my hard surface modelling skills and I put my finished renders on a Facebook page.

Advice you will get a lot: If you are good enough, things will be forgiven.
This is true, however, that does not mean there aren’t wrong or correct ways to do things. Having your own website/portfolio is the best option, and getting your work out on multiple sites like facebook/cg___/artstation/behance/etc… is smart and recommended also.

In my opinion, facebook is not a good place to put your portfolio. For several reasons:

  1. They compress the images and downscale them
  2. There’s no difference between date published and order on the page. Say you work for some company and want to promote yourself as having worked for said company, then there’s no easy way of doing it.
  3. To view your work, the viewer has to log in.
  4. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ very professional to me. But that’s subjective.

Nobody who needs to see your portfolio finds it from facebook. But if accidentally someone still finds it out, isn’t it little embarrassing that your portfolio is mixed in your fb profile with the pictures of your vacation and cute cat videos and your political agenda etc stuff? And of course the comments from your mom and friends?

Facebook is a good place to post your art…but I would not use it as a portfolio page. For all of the above reasons and these two “what-if”: What if your uncle<insert name here> decides to post a picture of his cock on your feed? Or your <insert friends name here> goes off of their meds and posts rage-rants on your page.

No, I think something you have full control over would work better.

just use a free host like this one and make a simple HTML page:

So they down scale the image and the viewer has to login or enter a captcha.

Some rude people may post nudes or funny pictures. There must be an option to restrict anyone but the admin to post content.

But at the moment, I’ll try to make my own website from free hosting.

This is all very true. Facebook is good for internal communication.

In addition to the reasons already mentioned, it’s good to keep in mind that social networks come and go. Some 10 years ago myspace was the biggest and most popular social network around. Now it’s practically dead. The same goes for art related social networks. GfxArtist and digitalArt used to be very popular digital art sites that gradually passed away. CGHub suffered a sudden death. I think it’s best to take advantage of social sites but don’t invest too much effort in them, and make sure you have your own website so people will always be able to find you.

Yeah, I had a uncle like that.

Short answer,


Yep being the lazy type, I resorted to Facebook page.
You’re right, social sites come and go. It will just be my promotional page then.

It’s time to study html…

Instead of just uploading pictures you can upload the models themselves to sketchfab or artstation (and similar sites).

@ Cyaoeu good idea. I’m told that an history of selling successfully on TurboSquid or similar sites will assure potential employers that you have the skills to do 3d modelling tasks efficiently and professionally.

Why study html? why not use word press?

Understanding HTML and CSS even little makes your life a lot easier with wordpress.

Last I checked, Facebook also lays claims to any photo posted on the website. As in any render you post, is now facebooks and you are not permitted to profit off of it. If you’re into that.

I run my own company and I have lots of people applying for jobs every day, 80% will send me links to free websites, blogspot, instagram and facebook.

I have yet to even interview someone that has sent me emails with these links and for a very good reason. As content creators we should all take pride in how our content is created but more important how its displayed - especially when your applying for jobs etc.

If you want to stand out as a professional that cares about how their work is presented then you really need a website.