is it worth learning 2.37?


been using blender for about 2 weeks now, been happy with it :slight_smile: however…

i currently know the basics of the program and such and i wanna get into animation but i dont know if i should learn animation in 2.37 or 2.40 since apparently its different?

i cant find much documentation on both either lol… so what do you guys recommend?


2.40 has a TON of animation improvents, such as easier IK, easier RVKs, etc. I’d recommend putting off learning animation until the offical 2.40 release, or you could start learning some of it by using the 2.40 Alpha 2 release off the Blender website. Hope this helps.


I’m finding the 2.40 alpha to be very stable despite being an alpha release and it’s got the new animation systen incorporated.

You might want to give that a try - By the time you’re happy with how proficient you’re getting, 2.40 full should be out.

(I’m, of course, making assumptions about your learning curve there, no offence meant!)

well…some was taken…im sad now

jk…im a slow learner sometimes, also i took a long time too because i was downloading the video tutorials…

That’s what Work’s bandwidth is for isn’t it?


That’s what Work’s bandwidth is for isn’t it?


ha, that would be school bandwidth lol…though its very very limited since all ppl were using it for warez and stuff…


i am also a newbie and asked me the same question.

i think going with the 2.4 alpha2 is perfect, but also with 2.37.
in combination with the (old) documentation and a look at the releaselogs and of course the forum you can feel quite comfortable.

don’t hesitate to start learning. there are to many problems a newbie has to get along with, which are the same in 2.37 and 2.40.

i think starting a ‘project’, a scene, which inculdes model making, texturing, lighting and so on, is a good way to get familiar with a program and specific problems. and if problems occur start seeking and searching in the documentation and in releaselogs and of course the forum.