Is Jashaka project a complete hoax?

Apparently Lightworks is going to require a yearly subscription for anything above DV resolution support?

personally I will just be sticking to Blender for the mean time, I’m assuming Mango will make it a lot more feature rich for video editing, audio mixing, grading and so on. (Hopefully media management too, but maybe this isn’t part of their goal(s)).

The timer reached 0 and nothing happened. Why am I not surprised?

hm still shows 6 hours for me

This whole thing seems like a really dumb way to run a project that is Open Source. If they want to relaunch the website that is fine, but I don’t see a commit log or even a mailing list anywhere. The screenshots are all mockups as far as I can tell.

The whole “Open” part I feel is kind of important in Open Source projects.

well lets see if the bold reinvent hollywood has some truth to it :wink:

I find that statement hardly convincing and expect a far less powerful tool but as long as it is maybe useful - great.

1 hour 41 minutes …

Not looking good so far. It’s been like this for a while now…

Apparently they managed to scam $471.11 just for putting up a countdown.

Bring on Lightworks

LOL PR disaster - big words are often tricky when nothing follows.

There is a song from the Hives:
Hate to say i told you so :wink:
I love this song!:smiley:

there really is one born every minute than

Isn’t actually accepting donating to a fraudulent product a crime ?

It’s really funny to watch a thread about open-source video editing, because someone will inevitably mention Jashaka as a valid program and unknowingly reveal themselves for someone who does not know what they’re talking about

I mentioned it a while back :stuck_out_tongue:

I was taken in by the screen mock ups, oh dear.

But anyway to all those people who paid they can just complain to PayPal and it should be resolved, the person would have had to link it in someway to their identity, or to a card, or something which would produce a paper trail so I’d take a guess and say the people who donated will get their money back, and hopefully who ever set up the scam will be found, as it is a criminal offence. It’s fraud.

Trust no one. Never.

There are some news from the “re-launch” team.
now directs you direct to the blog.

And there is a News from Yesterday where there say that they need a little bit longer but they want to make weekly status updates on there blog.

I don’t even follow what they were actually launching if it wasn’t the software? A countdown on your site to announce that you are indeed working on the project your site is about? It’s like Ton throwing up a countdown on and then at the end announcing that the Blender Foundation is in fact, working on Blender. And then failing to do that. :spin:

If they have any code at all, they need to just throw it up in a public repository like a normal Open Source project, and quit jerking people around. They’re not trustworthy enough at this point for anyone to want to jump on board their failship.

true words

tried Lightworks. didn’t like it. CLEARLY made for people familiar with ‘traditional’ editing environment.
Now in Linux (Ubuntu 11.10 … Ubuntu Studio actually) and it’s got a nice-looking app called OpenShot Video Editor … tho to be fair I haven’t really used it at all yet …
I gave up on Jahshaka long long ago. vaporware.

Well I like Lightworks as it is made for professional use =) I already worked with many tools like Virtual Dub, Avisynth, FFMPEG and so on and will use for the current project just Blender ^^

I tried the new version of lightworks and even though it doesn’t crash as much as it used to, I still don’t like it.
Yes, the real time preview is cool but the interface is really hard to use and takes longer than it should to make simple edits.
Format support is very limited.