Is keyframing relative values possible for Bones?

(BenitaS) #1

Hi there,

is it possible to keyframe values relatively to an animation in another NLA layer?

I’m working with mocap data and want to keep the original motion as much as possible. My plan is to merely add an offset when the motion doesn’t fit. I tried around in the NLA editor but:
Additive Blending doesn’t do the trick as it always keyframes the absolute values and then adds to the original, which distorts the pose.
If I use Replace mode, I loose much of the original motion or I would have to keyframe and edit every single frame seperately, which I won’t do because of time limitations.

I had tried different software and (just for comparison) WebAnimate does the things I want, but outputs no useable files. I can’t switch to more expensive software like MotionBuilder though, because this is an indie game project, so I really hope there is a solution in Blender or it is possible to script one.

Thanks in Advance =)

(helluvamesh) #2

The MakeWalk addon has good tools for that.

Download Blender Tools:


(Search for Local and Global editing)

(BenitaS) #3

Sounds exactly like what I need :smiley: Thank you very much, I will try this.