is knife cut working right in 2.62 ?

when i use the knife tool it seems to divide multiple times for 1 line cut. The cut line looks nothing like my original, it seems to go erratic, again i ask am i doing something wrong ? i got it to work the way i felt it was supposed to 1 time, subdividing a plane, the second cut went multiple diagnals. in edit mode i select all, hold k & left click and drag, is my cut supposed to vanish on release of LMB ? i am looking for a good pdf tout on this , i read some others were having problems, any one have any answers ? thanks

supposing that you are comparing the knife in the 2.62 with the knife in the 2.49: simply the knife tool was rewritten and is totally different from the one available in the old versions of blender.

i am looking for a good pdf tout on this
There is really not much to teach.
Select the edges you want to cut
Hold down K and LMB and drag where you want to cut on the edge
Options in toolshelf or F6

  • Exact = where you actually cut on the edges
  • Midpoint = cut at the midpoint on the edge
  • Mulitcut = cut the edge multiple times. Set the number of cuts on the ‘Number of Cuts’ box
    Nothing else really to tell you

thank you Richard, i never noticed the options in the tool panel as they didnt come on till i made the first cut. now i can control what im doing. my F keys must need to be reprogramed as they always seem to do something different from what their supposed to. thanks again for all your help.

Unfortunately, the knife of the current version of Blender is frankly inferior to the knife of 2.49b .
But fortunately, along ngon support, the knife that will come with Blender 2.63 will be the Bmesh “super knife”, a fantastic tool.
Nothing in common with the current knife in term of usefullness.

If you want to try it, you can download a more up to date Blender version (that include the Bmesh code that 2.63 will have) there :

Extract and in the 2.62 subfolder, create a folder you’ll name exactly

Then launch that version of Blender, load a model and go play with the knife in Edit Mode to see how great it will be in 2.63

thanks Sanctuary, i appreciate all your help !