Is Love...

Just wondering what others think. I know there is a lot of people on these boards who are too young to really realize the depth of the topic. But then there are many also, who know what it means to be searching for something in which you wonder if you will ever find, if it even exists.

I like this quote from the movie Contact.

It is quite visible and prevelant, the general love known as friendship. But it still seems that something is always lacking. Perhaps that is what drives us down the road of life. Is the constant search, for whatever we can find to fill the emptiness.

It’s really out there man and our job is to find it…



Acasto i know some very romantic love storys that i have heard, and that i know the people these have happened to.

but for every one good story i hear i hear another 10 bad stors, (i guess thats what you get when talking on relationship chat forums LOL)

anyway i have helped MANY people get over things and given people insight into the healing process after being dumped, etc…

i am 18 years old and a guy, and am fairly inexperienced, i tell people this but for some reason. people still come for me PMing me and asking for personal advice, i can get to know these people very well and help them through some pretty tough times, either rejection or fear of retaliation.

there is one lady (much older than me) who has a Boy friend who is a WANKER from every sign he doesn’t want her at all, but she still comes to me asking how to get him back.

i try my hardest to tell her to leave him without saying that, but she is so blindly in love, that she still wants him, just because she bases everything on the first few months together


anyway i have people coming to me asking for advice BECASUE of my ages etc…

and i feel i have a good insight into this thing we call LOVE.


Acctually, it all depends on the current state of the mind and situation!
IMHO, it’s all 4 of those options.

  • if your sad and haven’t found it yet - it’s a delution.
  • if your happy and haven’t found it yet - it’s a dream.
  • if you found it and been living together a while - it’s hard work and tolerance + more.
  • if you haven’t found it yet - it’s out there.

/ me won’t vote!

I totally agree, Love can be very difficult to find and harder to keep alive, after the Honeymoon period of any relationship, there must be tolerance and acceptance of the other’s flaws. That can be hard to remember and is often the end of the relationship.

these are my classifications of love from my experience.

LOVE-i love my friends
LOVE-i love my family
LOVE-i would love to go on a date with you
LOVE-i think about you all the time
LOVE-i would love to mary you
LOVE-i would love to spend the rest of my life with you. (definatly the hardest one)

people these days are becoming TRUE consumers and many people don’t realise that love is not somthing you just discard once it is last weeks news.

i know heaps of people that got bored with a perfectly good relationship, had a fling, or left for another person. and then just got BURNED by them both.

its their own fault for throwing it away.

i strongly feel that you need to put a lot in to get it back again.

the THREE “C’s” or a relationship LOL


ha ha ha

na just kidding.

it has to be a comprimise though, and communication is the key to this.
(somthing my ex knew NOTHING about)

anyway see ya round you love birds, you!!!


Here’s my take on love.
Just for the record I am 53 and have been married twice. The first lasted nine years. It was lust not love, and that burnt off quickly allowing me to regret my decision to marry in leisure. But I do admit she is the best ex-wife in the world, as I have only had to see her three times in the last 26 years. :wink:
I am now going on 23 years married to the same woman, and we have three children and six grandchildren.
So that having been said, I believe that love is as elusive as air or electricity. We all know it’s there but to catch it and hold it in our hands is all but impossible. You can’t really see it but you can feel it and when you do feel it you know you can’t go back to the same quality of life without it.
For those of you that are looking for love, stop. You will never find it, but don’t be too surprised if it finds you. When that happens it’s up to you to nurture it and keep it alive and sometimes that makes you wonder if it’s all worth it. Trust me on this. It is!
I wish I could give you a definition. From my standpoint it has now transformed into a sense of comfort and familiarity, an ability to share thoughts like an unstruck cord.

You’re asking ME about this? Eh, I think love is about…


Ah, heck, I don’t know.

One of my philosophies, though, is this:

“Love is knowing who you can stand for the rest of your life.”

Can you please e-mail my wife and tell her this???


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you know i can get you about 1 million quotes like this!!!

and i could even get the people who write them to e-mail your wife LOL.

or at least e-mail you so it wouldn’t be SPAM.

anyway you want a touching, moving piece of writing similar to this one.

that is more like a page long, then i could probably find one LOL.