Is marking assets really necessary? How to do it

Is it necessary to mark an asset, or just put the asset in the asset folder?

Are you talking about Unity?

It appears that when you mark asset, blender generates a preview as well as some metadata for the asset browser

Blender, but I found the solution. Thanks for the replies anyway.

And the solution is?

If you want to build an asset library and use blender’s asset loader to append mesh, material ect… , yes you need to mark them “as asset” so blender can make the difference between data meant to be reuse and other data laying in the .blend.
That’s the only use of the mark asset feature so no need to bother with it if you don’t use the asset browser.

Also, it might be nice to include the version of Blender you’re working with, when asking questions.
It will already solve some issues for readers of that question :wink:

My bad. Sorry for the oversight.

And the solution is?

  1. Go to preferences>interface>developer extras
  2. Enable dev. Extras. Now there is an Experimental button on the left side
  3. Click on Experimental button
  4. At the top look at New Features menu and enable “Extended Asset Browser”
  5. In the Layout workspace right click on the item to be marked, the Mark Asset menu item is the 11th menu item

It doesn’t generate previews for collections :frowning: