Is Marmoset Toolbag 3 still useful?

I’m searching for the most efficient workflow to display 3D contents created in Blender to websites via WebGL. So far Toolbag 3 seems to be the most cost effective option, as all other WebGL options either need monthly subscriptions or free account is to limited for what I need.

Toolbag 3 hasn’t had major updates since 2016 and its development seems to be dead. Don’t know if I should invest the resources to learn it. Any Toolbag 3 users here?

what exactly do you need that something like sketchfab is missing?

I’m also wondering if there’s going to be a Marmoset Toolbag 4 or not. I’ve got Toolbag 3, but Eevee wins when it comes to things like procedural materials. Toolbag does have a nice way of generating GI though: using voxelization instead of Eevee’s separate probes.

I’m mainly looking for way to add WebGL content to websites without monthly subscription. Sketchfab is great, but its pricing structure is too greedy for my taste. They are asking way too much for what it is, basically a WebGL hosting service. They are better off charging a one time fee per WebGL creation. I think that part of Sketchfab business will be in trouble once Unity irons out its WebGL bugs.

Cycles and Eevee are so good that 3rd party rendering software is not needed for most of Blender projects. In addition to WebGL, Toolbag has an excellent baking system. I might get it just for baking, it’s on sale now for $135ish; sorta like a really powerful Blender addon.

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Are you coding the website yourself?

Check out xeogl. It’s open source and can show OBJ or GLTF exported from Blender.

Thanks. That looks pretty cool, I’ll check it out.

Apparently mesh models and textures can be ripped from WebGL viewers. Some people are ripping them from artstation and selling the stolen contents elsewhere.