Is Maya good?

Is Maya good?


yeah its brillient stuff


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brunoc: stupid question. maya is popular with many animation industries, not with others. thats like saying “is jazz music good?”. its a preference thing.

as a rule, maya is excelent animaiton and dynamics tools, but the modeller is pretty clunky and it can be extremely daunting for new users, the rendering interface is pretty confusing.

it all depends on what you want to do. if its just model and texture, i wouldnt bother. go for max or lightwave. or blender, of course :smiley: :wink:

but you really came to the wrong forums to ask this question…



Blender is the best silly, (i prefer a side order of gimp)

Happy Blending

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I think it’s even funnier than before. :smiley:

Maya is good. It’s expensive. Blender is good. It’s free. Are you good?

Is Maya good?

Search for a maya vs. blender post from osxrules… should be enough reading for a week!

Yeah, but pleeease don’t start it up again. Gees, it took ages for that SOB to die off :). From a personal view, I used Maya for a year before I took up Blender. I posted because I too wanted to know how good Blender was feature-wise when compared to Maya just because I’ve used a few other free 3D software apps and they tend to be fairly limited (like Sketchup and Cheetah3D - in fact I think they’re even shareware). Then people got defensive saying I was assuming Blender was just a Maya wannabe, which wasn’t the case.

To sum up, the responses came up along the lines that Maya is good but if you’re a good enough artist/technical 3D person, you could get Blender to do the same. Blender is actually faster than Maya at doing most things (launching especially - Maya’s really designed for high-end machines) and it’s far easier to customize Blender. Also, Maya teaches you to be lazy and not follow good modelling practises. For example, it supports n-sided polys and that causes a whole load of trouble.

Not only that but it can maintain object history. Handy sometimes but this means you have to learn when and when not to remove object history before animating. The UV editor will give you a headache. It uses MEL, a custom scripting language that is far less functional than Blender’s Python implementation. Because of this, all import/export and general plug-ins are system-dependant, rarely work and are impossible to fix. Also, try getting terragen files into Maya or Renderman files out - very difficult.

The interface is cludgy (is that a word?) and it’s difficult to find stuff. It’s also buggy. At least in version 5, if you type in the co-ordinates of a vertex in the channel box, the program quits - you have to do it the long way. How do you fix it? Upgrade at your expense if they’ve even bothered to fix it. At least if Blender has a bug, the developers will fix it or if you can program, you can do it yourself all for free.

On the plus, Maya has more advanced NURBs tools than Blender but I hated NURBs because they were too difficult to work with anyway - subds are far better and Blender does these better than Maya because in Maya you have to manually make a subd proxy or convert to subds and this is slow even on low res models. They might have updated this in Maya 6, though because I read they sped up subds by about 8 times, so that shows how crap it must have been. In Blender, you make a poly mesh and click subd - done.

Having said that, it’s easy to animate any attribute on any object in Maya. This is quite flexible but I think you can attach IPOs to most things in Blender (even textures) though I haven’t done much of that yet so I can’t say for sure. Maya has a more flexible material engine too but you rarely need the complexity it offers. Blender lets you do displacement maps and even movie clips as textures so it can do some cool stuff.

In my Blender vs Maya discussion, I drew up a long feature comparison towards the end and Blender can do a lot of what Maya can do, especially the upcoming Blender 2.34 with soft-body stuff, UV unwrapping, colour ramps and subd creasing. BTW, Maya doesn’t even do metas to my knowledge so no cool solder effects (not easily anyway). You may have concern about the dynamics engine but because Blender has real-time logic controls, dynamics are fairly straightforward. The real-time gaming engine is a big plus for Blender.

To sum up, I wouldn’t recommend Maya over Blender to anyone. Even in my hopeful future career in 3D, I will persuade as many people to use Blender as I can, even if only for the bulk of the 3D work because it’s a far more efficient work horse. The only lacking things are that Blender’s internal renderer doesn’t do DOF, caustics or true motion blur but you can use external renderers like yafray (which is well integrated) anyway. To be honest, when you think that Maya’s own renderer (not mental ray) still doesn’t do AO, radiosity, caustics or GI (or transparent shadows correctly), then it’s pretty good. Oh and if you do choose Maya, good luck getting mental ray to do anything. I don’t think I ever got a single decent image out of it, again probably because it’s a plugin. Blender’s renderer is much faster too.

But the best thing about Blender is this community because you can even talk to the developers direct sometimes. Rarely you will encounter an unsolved issue after a day.

One important point is to never assume that the hyped industry standards are the better choice. My brother does graphic design but won’t touch Quark Express. Just pick what works for you.

I don’t want to say that Maya is bad because it has a lot of pros in the industry tweaking it so if they like it then I’m not really in a position to say that Blender is better, but I know I have a better, faster workflow since ditching Maya. Also Maya is >£1000, Blender is free.

I used maya for a while but its really good for like movie animations but its sucks crap for making like items for a game. For making items for games usually 3ds max is better, but i prefer blender over both cuz blender is alot better! :smiley:

Yeah, but pleeease don’t start it up again. Gees, it took ages for that SOB to die off . From a personal view, I used Maya for a year before I took up Blender. I posted because I to

That’s what I just wanted to avoid…



yeah go MSpaint woot woot

I never saw that joke before, but it’s cracking me up. Hey alltaken, what about softimage? Is it half as cool as Maya? And, I suppose I shouldn’t tell you this, but MS Paint used to be my main graphics program. %| :expressionless:

Look at my timeline:

I started trying to make games in 1998 when I would have been, umm… 9. I didn’t know how to do anything. Hence, the pathetic beginning… uggghhh.

yeah i used MSpaint too.


says the dude who precedes to write a short novel in his post :wink:

i’ll have you know MSPaint is STILL #1 and at at the top of my drawing programmes list. and that includes maya, blender photoshop, flash etc.

says the dude who precedes to write a short novel in his post

Haha poor osxrules… always trying to be exact and then ending up with long posts… That’s an element of perfectionism… he doesn’t want to leave anything out… (am I right osx ?)