Is Microsoft making boikot on Firefox?

When i use hotmail in firefox, it makes strange things, the text window is very small, i cannot use the whole window, also sometimes when i send a mail it takkes a long time to send the mail , untill i give up and i have to use explorer to send my e-mail.

Is microsoft making boikot on firefox ?:eek:

i dont think ms would do that, if they did, then all firefox users would leave hotmail, you can use external mail program like thunderbird, or some kind of plugin for firefox for mail management. im not using firefox so i dont know the exact program/plugin to give.
i use poppeeper for all of my mails. check it out.

Duh no. Why would they spend effo/rt trying to make their prducts run slower just to “boikot” something?

Well the idea would be to encourage hotmail users to use IE instead of Firefox.
If most users encounter what tweaking knobs did, many are likely to simply use IE, instead of going through the hassle of transferring e-mails and contacts over to another webmail service, so that they could continue using Firefox.

I don’t think it would work on more web-savvy people who like Firefox, but its bound to work on a lot of people.

Microsoft is evil, duhh…
Nah; write a complaint letter.
Not that they will answer to that though.

Dunno about Firefox but it certainly feels that way with Chrome. I cant write any messages in Hotmail without switching browsers now :frowning: Not that it really matters, its just my spam collecting account anyway.

Microsoft’s primary focus is it’s own browser. It’s going to make hotmail look good on it’s non-standards compliant browsers first, so naturally and standards compliant engines like gecko or webkit are going to look bad on that site.

You can probably find some greasemonkey scripts to clean it up for you.