Is mine big enough?

My computer is a couple of years old. Its an AMD 2009 Mhz with 1 gig of ram with a Nvida 6600 graphic card. Is this sufficient to work with blender? I’m trying to do a basic head which has been subdivided a few times and when I try to add another object it freezes up on me. Im saving my work pretty often so I havent lost anything but I want to add a couple of spheres for eyeballs. Do I need a better computer?

try using multires instead of subsurf, and when the scene gets too dense, take down a few multires levels.
(edit) just noticed you’re kind of new here, so i hope that is not greek to you. btw, you are probably using more polygons than you need to. to get an idea of about how many polys are needed to make a realistic head ( minus the ear ) check out torqs tutorial ( " a better face tutorial " ) in the tutorials forum

Your comp is fine. I go to my borther in laws alot and end up using his comp when I get bored. Same CPU, same ram crappier video card (think his is a 5700). Trick to head modeling you should learn-dont subdivide to much…theres really no need for it. Just add in some loops (ctrl + r) once you have your topology nicely done, then just fill in the missing faces. Bam, presto, and done with no subdividing. And any time you need more detail its just and edge loop away.

Read up on torqs face tuterial like modron said…very very good and easy to understand.

Up your RAM to help with numerous subdivides…a better cpu is possible too, but your video card is fine.

And when blendering, turn off other apps and background stuffs to free up RAM.

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Thx for the link. That is a great time saver. Ive got a lot to learn. I happy to find mines big enough to do the job. :slight_smile:

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