is mirroring a grab possible?

ok heres my perdicement i have a model ive been workin on its a human.
heads up i have never used a 3d creation program before 2 days ago
im wondering if its possible to take two groups of similar vertices say as in muscle structure i want both sides to match exactly and ive been doin it in what seems like the hard way moving one group at a time and looking at the other side to see if it almost matches i dont want to do a mirror because i need the other half of the model to make sure it looks right so can you grab two groups on opposite sides and mirror a grab instead? not for all cases i know because for the bottoms of the arms and stuff u can just grab two groups and pull them down and they’ll match but what if your pulling out and left can i have the other side pull out and right at the same time?

when modeling humans or other mirrored objects this is the way you do it:

create a basic shape, but only half of the object [so you’d probably delete part until you had only the left or right half]
exit edit mode
duplicate with alt+d [changes you make in one will apply to the other]
mirror with control+m
[in 2.33 you’ll probably want to turn off double sided in the edit buttons so one doesn’t appear black. in 2.34 you will not have to do this]
select one or the other, and go into edit mode
edit to your liking
to join:
select one, then shift+rmb select the other [make the last one you select the first one you made in 2.33 so the resulting object is not mirrored anymore]
press control+J
enter edit mode
select everything (a key)
recalculate normals (control+n)
press remove doubles (in the W key specials menu, or in edit buttons)
find verts it didn’t join
select each pair, and join with alt+m

There are different ways to go “mirror-modeling”.
When moving a vertice up and left, and you want it’s duplicate to move up and right, you can select both vertices, scale them along the x-axis (S-key, press X), then drop them. Now you can move both of them up with grabbing.
It’s also possible to model only one side of your model. Then delete the non-modeled side of your model, select all the vertices you have left, and mirror them. (M-key) Place the two halves exactly next to each other so they form one model again. Remove doubles.
Another solution would be to delete the non-modeled side of your object, and go into object mode. Create a linked duplicate with Alt+D. Now when moving vertices on one side the same will happen on the other side. You can mirror in object mode with CTRL+M. One half might turn black, but that can be fixed when joining the two halves when you are ready modeling (CTRL+J), or turning off Double-sided in the Edit buttons. Don’t forget to remove doubles again.


my Mirror Tool does exactly that, what you need.

I read the little tutorial on your Mirror Tool page, The spaceship/boat one. When you say Duplicate (shift-D), Mirror (M-Key), then join them by removing doubles (rem doubles). What mirroring technique do you use when the m-key menu pops up, because everything that i try requires that i translated the duplicate which makes it impossible to remove doubles. I lost with merging things right now :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

Eric Holmes


it’s essencial to set scale pivot correctly. Invidual object center is usable, if it’s situated on the mirroring plane. Othervise set 3d cursor on mirroring plane and use it as scale pivot. Then in edit mode duplicate (Shift-D key) vertices on one side and mirror (M key) them.

ashsid, thanks alot i was looking for a way to do that in the program i didnt figure i could tho i know how to mirror by pressing shift d and hitting escape and m key but the trouble is i dont know what im going to do before i do it.