Is my blog too garish?

I’ve had several people say that my blog is too “colorful.” Thoughts?

reminds me of contextual studies at university, 2 instances in particular.

One time the lecturer showed a video on the projector about Klein blue. We stared at a mid-tone blue for about 10 minutes while the author of the video narrated it with some faux profundities, eventually the blue became quite sickening.

The other time I was a few minutes late and greeted by a most horrendous sound of the down-sampled reproduction of a chainsaw emanating from a tinpot ghettoblaster for what seemed like an eternity, but probably continued no more than 2 minutes after I had found a seat. This was the first lecture of the year.

Both experiences are unforgetable, but i felt abused on a sensory level.

Holy Mutha’ o’ pearl!!
Seriously it looks like someone squished the fruit bowl onto my screen XD
Please change it for the greater good

yes, way too intense.

Tone it down just a tad.

All right! Message recieved. Thanks for your comments. :slight_smile: