Is my computer fast?

The title explains most of it. I just want to know if I have an average computer or fast computer or slow computer. I got it around 10 months ago. If you think it’s fast, slow, or medium, it still satisfies me. I’m just curious to how it measures up to today’s standards of PC’s. It’s also currently the fastest of the four computers I’ve ever had.

An AMD Althon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+

Each core clocks at 2.6 GHz

2000 MHz Bus speed

A 500 GB hard drive

Windows Vista Home Premium

NVidia Geforce 6150SE

Dual Channel 2048 MB DDR2 (RAM)

In Blender, it handles 1,000,000 polys at about 3 frames per second, and handles 6,000,000 at about 0.5 frames per second. Blender crashes at about 11,000,000 verticies.

Its ok.

Not fast but not slow at the same time.

I just bought a AMD 2350 (equivalent to 4000+) and it was the slowest lowest powr CPU i could find. 6400+ ones were the cheapest, but current model CPU’s

Thanks. I was just wondering what someone else would think of my PC. And I’m just wondering, would a faster GPU like the NVidia 9800 GTX2 speed up rendering? Or would it just effect the GUI?

there is a Blender Benchmark site. Run the benchmark test, and see how your machine stacks up against everyone else who uses Blender. at Blender Render Benchmark

the gpu affects performance in real time in the viewport. It will not affect rendering speed as that is handled by the CPU.

What’s the fastest CPU that you can find at a store like Fry’s or Best Buy or Circuit City? (Not that I’ll be getting one anytime soon.) I’m just wondering. Oh yeah, and on that Blender Render Benchmark test, my computer did much slower than what I would have expected: about 3 and a half minutes. How did your computer do (I’m asking who ever wants to answer)?

i got about same as yours with one processesor and about 2 mins with 2 processors (im thinkin u might not have turned the threads to two)

It’s not good in all fields. Not terrible, but not great on any standards.

If you want faster rendering, get a faster CPU. RAM and GPU would help after that, but CPU is the most important in rendering.

EDIT: You may just be better off getting a whole new computer. Your motherboard may not support much better CPUs.

Look into AM2 processors if your mobo supports them.

I built a new computer, ($679 all together), and it runs Blender amazingly. It has a Core2Quad 6600 (CPU), Nvidia 8800gt (GPU), and 2GB of RAM.

I don’t have much to add to this conversation other then my computer just died… at least the GPU card seems to have an imminent death wish.
For those interested it’s a core2quad 6700, 4 GB ram, and a Nvidia 9600 (don’t remember the suffix, but probably a “GT”) anyways, don’t get that card! As best I can figure out from searching online, I think Nvidia left out a fan speed monitoring chip on it and consequentially, it has turned my once completely silent machine into a jet turbine. And I think the fan is starting to give out now, making it louder still, so I’m also worried about the whole card going up in smoke. Anyways, if anybody knows anything I’m all ears, I really can’t find much about it online, but I’ve never really been the best at the under the hood tech of computers so I may not even be looking in the right place.

As for how mine preformed on the bench mark blend, I did it not long after I got the computer which was a while ago, but I think it was something around 25 seconds, with all 4 cores running, I remember it was a little slower then some of the other people who had the same processor but ran linux and not vista like I have. (Even after I striped down as many processes as I knew how to.)

Heh, I got 2:37:48, gee I’m 1344th! Turning threads from 2 to 4 got me 9 seconds on this ancient dual-Xeon Dell Precision 650.