Is my computer spec's good enough to do high quality blender modeling?

Okay i’ve been looking about for a new PC in the mind that, “i will need a new PC to do my collage work with”, aka i am looking to get into model making all that stuff, really anything to do with gaming

I was wondering if my current PC is powerful enough to be able to do such a task’s once i’ve upgraded it here’s its specs

HP Pavilion A1000 (old i know)
2.5GB ram (upgrading it to 3.25-4GB RAM soon)
Win 7 home premium 32-Bit
Radeon Xpress200 128MB RAM (if i could find i will upgrade it to a radeon 4400 or a Nvidia 520/Nvidia 8400 if i can find it)
2x 2.0 GHZ processor (though if i could i can hopefully buy a 5.0Ghz + dual core processor)

Laptop Spec’s

Lenovo G550
2.1 GHZ X2 processor
Intel GMA 4500
Win vista home basic 32 bit

or should i buy a more powerful PC

sorry if this is the wrong section :'D

Hi Zasheh,

Your rig is a bit old, but it’s not impossible to do all kinds of stuff with what you have with blender - I guess it depends on what you wish to create. What do you call high quality modelling? If you provide some examples on what you would like to do, maybe a pic etc, it might help to explain what you mean. :wink:

Something similar to that

I made this with a 1.8GHz Dual Core and 2GB RAM:-

If I were you I would look at getting a 64 bit Operating System, more RAM and a better graphics card. A faster Quad core might not hurt much either. For complex scenes you really want to start at 8GB RAM, though you can already render high quality small scenes with what you have…

Well, i’ve just went and bought a 1GB Nvidia GTX 550 Ti graphic’s card, and i was close to buying ram but then i miscalculated the budget, though i could maybe possible upgrade this to 64 bit i heard it’s a GIANT pain in the ass even for the geeky’est computer geek’s i heard, though the card should be good enough to do all that :smiley:

though i have to say very nice work there, i thought it was a actual picture ._. but that in itself is pretty darn epic and for the lower than mine system spec’s gotta say that’s pretty epic

Thanks :slight_smile:

64 bit is fairly standard nowadays, and you can’t use more than 3GB RAM on Windows without it.

been using 64bit for a few years now, and it’s not a pain. Much better in fact.

Faster processor (quad core as suggested - i5 or i7 imo), at least 6gig (the more the better) of ram and a decent gfx card; you’ve gone and bought one, and I’d have recommended waiting a month or two; see what nvidia bring out, or indeed if ati becomes a viable alternative.

You could do now similar to what you posted; render times would be painfully slow.