Is my GPU compatible with cycles?

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB. I have CUDA installed too but I can’t get cycles to render with a GPU and it’s taking ages to render with my CPU. Is this GPU not compatible with Blender at all, or do I have to install something else?


Hi, Kepler GPU are supported since blender 2.65 older versions don´t work.
You need only a up to date driver.
Setup in User preferences > system > compute device

Cheers, mib.

Hi, Thanks for your reply
I’ve just tried this and it comes up with a black screen for every frame. Have I done something wrong.

It could be that you are out of VRAM on the GPU. 512mb won’t get you very far. Are you getting a message on the top left black frame? Or is it really just nothing?