Is my grass weird?

Forgot to say to ignore the sky and the ground.

After a few of Blender Unit, all starts blurring. I checked the focus out of the camera and other settings that would have blurred the scene along the distance, but there is nothing turned on. I think that there are too many beams of leaves and too few pixels. How can I improve my scene? It’s strange, isn’t it?
Don’t look the ground and the sky. I put the cube far away from the camera to test if any “focus” option was turned on.

I think that there may be something wrong, but I can’t put my finger on it.

well um. needs a ground, that helps i think to get a feel, to at least get some basic texturing on everything. and the yellow grass is so bright. I think it would be much more subtle. I think it’s the colors somehow. You should look at pictures of grass and study them.

Notice in the images I found none of the grass patches are literally yellow or brown, they are this pale color on the yellow group.

It’s much more like a straw color, (not the bright kind) but this super washed out yellow. Try that and see if that helps.