Is my model ready to be rigged?

Do i have to add any more faces to make my model, So when it moves the is no or very little miss-shape ?

I’m not liking the palms of the hands. Are you using rigify? I always start with Rigify and add on to it. Pay attention to the bone layers if you do.

Anyway, I usually end up rigging something a few times before I get it the way I want it.

have not used rigify or know what it is.

Rigify is a humanoid rig that comes with Blender. It saves a ton of time when rigging a character like yours. It has both FK and IK interactive rigs. It is a great starting place for building a rig.

Google “blender rigify tutorial”, there are quite a few good examples of how you can use it.

all the ones i saw where for 2.5 or not in English -.-

It really doesn’t matter if the Rigify tutorial is for 2.5; it works the same and, unless my memory is acting up, everything you’ll use in Blender is exactly the same in 2.6.

And here’s a list from YouTube.

Rigify is definitely the way to go. It’s flexible enough to do some pretty non-standard things with, too.