Is my modelling sloppy? Feel like the wires are too close?

Whilst I got my final model outcome (which turned out better than I first intended) I just feel like some of my modelling is quite sloppy, backed up by the fact that there’s probably way too many faces for this kind of model and some of the wires are very close together. I’d like to get better at 3D modelling as I want to be able to create assets I can maybe one day sell so advice and tips are greatly appreciated here! ^-^

I’d say it’s perfectly fine if you were just going for the low poly look. If it actually needs to be low poly for some reason other than aesthetic, it could definitely use some work.

The thing about it is that all of the faces are uneven in size (generally you want to keep the faces square and avoid any abrupt changes in size across the model. For places with more detail, of course you need more and smaller faces, but there are ways to approach that.)

My advice is, remove EVERY vertex that doesn’t have a specific purpose. Each and every vertex should add detail somehow. Never wast vertices!

An example, the awning on the outside doesn’t need so many vertices, because you can use an image texture or even a procedural texture there. It’s unnecessary to use different materials to make stripes. Especially if you want to add detailed textures or shaders later. Another thing you might consider is to separate it from the rest of the mesh, as well as the glass (definitely for the glass, and make sure to give it some thickness), so that you can clean up all the little squares on the van there underneath the awning.