Is my Multiple UVs noodle correct?

I get the feeling this is not quite right… and I suspect the main problem is how the “Bump maps” (purple, yellow, and green) are linked to each other.

I have been trying to follow Andreu Cabré’s noodle the best I can. But I think the main difference is my using multiple bump maps.

Any ideas?


P.S. In case you can see the Attached Thumbnail, please disregard it.


What are you trying to get that is not working? If you are not getting the right displacement (which is not 100% working when I last checked but usually does a good job) is it set to true, bump. or both? If it is true or both make sure you have enough geometry for it to displace. This is usually the main cause of “displacement isn’t working” issues.
Your nodemap also shows you trying to mix noncolor data with color. What’s up w/that?
I had some issues with the dicing rate setting and having a stack of modifiers at the same time so check for that, you might like to use the vector bump node plugged into your diffuse shader receiving the same output that’s going to your displacement to see how that works.

Thanks a lot for sharing DruBan :slight_smile:
The solution turned out to be removing the texture I was not using for the given UV map.
Initially I was using the same grey-scale file thinking that it was enough by unwrapping only the area I needed for that UV map and placing it only over the texture part of the file that I needed. But unfortunately for some reason the rest of the model was being unwrapped too. The rest of UVs were being kept under the ones I had purposely unwrapped. And even though at some point once I noticed this, I was scaling the unneeded UVs down to a tiny size and even moving them out of the UV area, they were still being used :frowning:
Btw, I had create a new file per UV map too.
Anyway, glad this is no longer a problem.

Btw, I gave a try to the Vector/Bump node, but didn’t notice much of a difference. Good to know though.