Is my PC not fast enough for video editing

My PC is 4.5 years old. I’ve been using Blender for years to design for 3D printing. I now want to use it for video editing because it can do picture in picture. When I tried, the frame rate averaged 10 fps. I know video editing takes a lot of processing, so I bet mine is too slow.
I have a Intel i3-6006U processor at 2Ghz. 8MB ram. My video processor is Intel HD graphics 520.

Just to confirm, are you editing in Blender? Did you try other video editors (Davinci Resolve, OpenShot, Kdenlive, etc)? Some of these lighter editors might be an alternative (not Resolve though, it’s a bit on the heavy size).

But yeah, video editing can be resource intensive, usually more on the processor, so your i3 will struggle a lot.

I was searching for an editor that will do pic in pic when I saw that Blender will do it. I’ve had great luck with 3D design that I wanted to try Blender. I have not tried another program. I’m not trying to do anything terribly fancy just put an overlay from my iphone GPS screen recording over a GoPro video.

Depends on the size (dimension and length)… 8GB isn’t much for video editing (i3/8GB on lnux here…). According power… wel it decodes two streams and encodes it into another while displaying it… if you expect realtime… so i think 10 fps is not that bad… just takes 2.5 more thn the actul video… (i did video encoding over night… back in the days… and then you have to check… and do it again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )