Is my UV texture map wrong here?

test.blend (1.4 MB)

I uploaded my blend file so you can look at it and two images detailing what’s going on. One image shows what the textured cube in my project looks like and it looks about how I wanted to, with the pumpkin centered on the front face, except for some polishing up of course. The pumpkin is centered on the cube how I would like it to be but the UV map isn’t even touching it. How is that possible? I used smart UV project for this. Thank you for any help!

It is because you have your image node set to repeat. This means that when the uv’s are out side of the image in the UV editor the image is repeating itself (tiling).
If you just want a single image on the front and back of the cube you could unwrap with the “project from view (bounds)” option. that will get the whole image centred on your front and back faces.

What would I do in this case if I jwant one image like this with Alpha in the front and another different image with alpha in the back… I’m trying to master this… This is what I’m working on now

I’ve basically been selecting a square of vertices on the front and assigning them to one material and then selecting a square of vertices on the back and assigning them to another material, UV unwrapping both and adding a different alpha image to each and as I’m trying to import them into Unreal Engine it hasn’t been working right ie here

though it looks good in blender ie here

I am not quite sure what you are after, maybe this:
First for your alpha to work, you need to plug the alpha channel of your png’s into the alpha socket of the main node like this: (in both of your image textures back and front)

If you want to get rid of the black sides simply turn the alpha channel down to zero i your material.011

But the thing is I thought of that but when I plug the image into the alpha socket of principled BDSF node…the Alpha slider dissappears … Thanks for replying by the way