is NaN coming back?

(stukkm) #1

sorry if this question has been asked about 7.3 billion times already but i was just wondering if NaN would be coming back out of bankruptcy (…again). i also remember seeing something about macromedia buying blender. that was wrong, i hope. anyway, i’m a little (well, lots) behind on the blender news and was hoping somebody could catch me up.


(slikdigit) #2

NaN, in some form, is coming back. Read the announcement from Ton on the News and Chat forum. The macromedia thing and other ‘plans’ for buying blender were April fool’s jokes, but I guess you knew that :wink:

(blengine) #3

i hope they come back soon! who knows, maybe itll be a great move for blender…maybe it will mean better production and such.we’ll see in time i guess