is NURBS unwrapping possible?


Is it possible to unwrap nurbs sufaces in Blender?

And is it possible to import nurbs surfaces from other programs like Rhinoceros in order to unwrap them in Blender and then create texture mapping?

I have been trying to import nurbs surfaces as .obj from Rhino to Blender but I was not succesfull. Maybe I missed something?

I would like to import nurbs surfaces from Rhino to Blender, and then unwrap them and make rendering and textures. Then I would like use also Zsurf4 software after I have unwrapped nurbs surface in order to create 3d nurbs decoration to the model.

Please advice…

My understanding is that you cannot unwrap a nurbs surface for UV mapping. You can however use alt c to convert it to a mesh, then unwrap.

Is there any freeware which could do it? Like Ayam?

Can Autodeski Maya do this?

The best parts of the Ayam should be somehow putted to blender…so it could have a full nurbs support. After this there should be t-splines support. There are lots of things to do.

you can unwrap nurbs because they are unwrap by definition.
A nurbs surface is always represented as a square in uv. Imagine a sphere a nurbs sphere. it s a plane, turn into a cylinder, where the top and botom row are scale at 0 0 0. then you got a sphere but it s still a plane.

Yes, you can unwrap nurbs but is it possible in Blender? I think not…

Do you know a freeware or plug in for Blender which could do that?

becaus in rhino its not possible, in xsi neither, and in maya it s not possible too. you can project texture and bake that. but that s all. nurbs are square surface so there is no need to unwrap they are always unwrap.


Now I understand, thankyou. So its actually impossible with the way I think.

I have been projecting some textures on nurbs surfaces in Rhino and have been thinking that there should be a better way to do it than simply project, but there isn’t. Am I right?

I wonder if somebody could invent a system like that someday.

You canb use decal see blender newbie tutorial. then i suppose that you can bake the texture in to a map.