Is Occlusion Working?

Hey. I’m working on something that might require Occlusion culling, and I tested it out with a small scene, but it seems like it only hinders the FPS drastically (I’m talking “500+ FPS to 100” kind of drastic). The occlusion object I used was a simple cube that covered the screen, and the objects were several individual subdivided cubes. Also, I tried turning the occlusion object invisible, but the “to be occluded” objects were still visible behind the occluder.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if I’m not using it correctly…? Can someone else confirm?

Which version of blender are you using? It’s working in 2.69 :slight_smile:

It might be due to a combination of the octree size value being too large and the scene being too small to see any serious benefit.

Does it work better in 2.69 like Spike1 says?

I’m using a BuildBot version that was built today. I tried 2.69 as well, but it had similar results. Maybe it’s that there’s a shadow casting light in my blend file. When I removed it, I got more correct results (~210 FPS with the occluder invisible, and wildly varying figures when the occluder was visible, with the top past 350 FPS). Here’s the blend file in case anyone can examine / compare it with theirs.

OcclusionBad.blend (1.05 MB)

EDIT: However, invisible occluders still don’t work. The Blender Wiki said it was possible to do, so is that a bug, or is that something on my end still…?

EDIT 2: Looking at this Blender 2.6 Wiki page, it looks like someone acknowledged that the Occluder doesn’t work when invisible anymore.

EDIT 3: Also, Occluders don’t work in orthographic view mode, either with the built-in camera, or with a camera object.

EDIT 4: I made a bug report for this here.

I don’t see a bug report for this listed on (has no one really used this feature all that much?), it seems you have all the information needed for one so I’d go ahead and report it (creating multiple demonstration scenes in the .blend if necessary).