Is Octane better than Cycles or I missed something?

Look at the volume

I was trying to recreate that snowflake using NM and Displ maps and got a flat s**t

I used different options and ways… it still flat =(
Or if I want to use True displacement I had to subdivide it a lot because somehow subdivision rate didn’t work for me.

IMHO you should use microdisplacement feature to use the adaptive subdivision with displacement and obtain a similar effect


That snowflake on the video seems to be made with particles, not just a displaced object. What are you trying to achieve exactly?

Now looking at all the images until the end, it seems he used displacement and normal maps to displace the geometry, but it had to be a LOT of subdivisions to achieve that closeup on the snowflake. I’ve never used octane, but on cycles it would be good to have a simple object with the shape of the snowflake first, then add subdivisions and set the displacement to true, and make sure you have Feature Set on Experimental instead of Supported.

Ok, I got curious with that method, I’m no expert on microdisplacement but I downloaded one of the images on behance and managed to get something acceptable by trial and error. As I said before, the key (in Blender at least) is to have a enough subdivisions on the model.

Here’s a quick render and a screenshot of the scene and the settings:

Hope this helps you getting on the right track :slight_smile:

Yep, thank u, I already did something like that but still would like to avoid subdivisions and adding geometry into the scene etc.
The best way in my opinion is to create something like parallax NM displacement/bump such as Decals Machine does.