Is OpenSUSE Good for a Gateway Laptop?

Although I have XUbuntu 8.04 working adequately, it’s still too delicate/unstable a system for me. I would like to have something that’s as compatible as one can get…don’t suggest normal Ubuntu, already tried that one, and it failed. So far I have used the OpenSUSE LiveCD, and that worked with no trouble (I completed a homework assignment on it), but I popped in Fedora 8, and got a kernel panic. So Fedora’s out of the question.

And that eliminates my search to SUSE. I installed the last version of it somewhere in August 2007. It ran fine; the only problem being that it messed up my access to Windoze Vista through GRUB. My laptop has AMD 64X, is Windows Vista-compatible, has NVidia GeForce, 1 Gig of RAM, and runs at a speed of 1.8GHz. Will this version, 10.3, be able to work with no problem, and install Wacom, Blender, and GIMP? Does it have NTFS tools like in Ubuntu? I don’t want a Linux nightmare on my HDD like what I’ve read on some of the forums since I don’t want to lose my NTFS drive. Also note, I don’t need it connected to the Internet or to be networking.

Any answers will help! Thank you in advance! I may be installing this one once I have done the necessary risk management and collected all of the necessary information.

Cheers, Suu999