Is Overclocked a good thing on video cards?

Found an ASUS GTX-660 that is overclocked - here is the description:
The ASUS GTX660-DC2O-2GD5 is overclocked, 20% cooler and 3x quieter. Based on a 1085MHz factory overclocked core - 105MHz higher than reference specification

Higher than reference spec? Sounds like putting 14 eggs in a 12 egg carton - something is going to break.
Any expert opinion on this?

Having something clocked higher but still cooler and quieter means either a bogus claim or a significantly better cooling system. These things can be measured, so you should look for such a review.

On the other hand, clock speeds are somewhat arbitrary. Not every chip is created equal, some run stable at higher clock speeds, some don’t. Most have defects to some degree. The best “eggs” are selected for premium products, the defective ones turn into budget hardware (That is, often they’re essentially the same chip but with the defective parts disabled). If ASUS believes they can sell you a slightly overclocked chip while keeping RMAs at bay, it’s not necessarily a problem.

Either way, a 10% or similar increase in performance is something that is practically unnoticable in practice, so I wouldn’t pay a premium for it. A better (quieter) cooling system does however pay off, in my opinion.

Factory overclocked cards are perfectly safe, you can’t go wrong with the DCUII cards from Asus either, very good coolers!

Also, it’s more of a marketing gimmick than anything, 105MHz is nothing, literally.

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Thanks for the replies.

The prices is hard to pass - $169 and a $40 rebate - even without the rebate it is a good price.