Is possible create head torso and legs to FPS multiplayer?

In my game i,m using just a arms and hands in my FPS but for multiplayer the others players need see players with all mesh body(head,torso,legs and feets) walking running shooting.Can i change the mesh only or continue bones and create a mesh or will need create all player mesh?

give more simple solution.

Usually, the current player has no visual body and we only display the arms/hands/gun.

On the other hand, the other players gathered through the network have a proper full model, with animations and such.

It is the concept of view model and world model. Maybe you can use this way of doing?

but can continue my arms with hands its all animations then jus add more bones to armature creating head torso lags and feets?

Yes. You should be able to extrude bones, from the arm rig. (in edit mode)
I do it all the time. (add bones to an existing rig) I might add eyebrow bones or eye bones, jaw bones, etc to old rigs. You may (will) have to add the vertex groups yourself. After you add yor bones, name them. then select your mesh, go to edit mode. Go to the data panel, click the + and add a vertice group for every new bone you added, name it whaterever you name your new bone(s) exactly. Then assign them. select the new group, select the vertices you want to add to that group, click assign.

This is from memory. Can’t remember exactly. Pretty sure you can keep the actions.

any animation can be used on anything. it just needs the right data. so if an animation has the same bone names, it will work, regardless of what rest pose.

hi i will try use same player single player and just creating head torso legs and feets with same armature just creating new bones after continue mesh editing same mesh then will create multiplayer walk run jump and dead actions animation then will can replicate player?

Thanks. Yeah, I remember having trouble once. But i think it was with skinning the mesh. So yeah, he should be good.


I would just use MakeHuman and get rid of the FPS arms. You can make a low poly char. It would be a lot faster, and you would have a great rig. And you could even retarget motion capture animations quick and easy. (DL daz friendly BVH from CGspeed, use BVHHacker to reduce the framerate to 30and center the armature, select the daz rig in Blender etc with mocap addon. etc, etc. everyone prolly knows that already) Can’t get away with crappy animations these days.

If you do decide to make your own, Extruding one of the bones and subdividing the bone(s) is better than extruding each bone. Because extruding messes up the bone roll. Subdividing don’t.

But that’s up to you.

for muliplayer i will try get more members to help me on project pvp.I,m not good for work with rig bones.I wish use same armature fps with arms and hands with gunbone parented to this armature.hopefully dont lost any action animation of armature and gunbone in current fps player

I guess your first problem is the rigging itself, if it doesn’t work in local it won’t work in multiplayer.

i will need check this before

I have arms and hands and gun bone fps and need and wish use to continue create parts of player to use like multiplayer.
this is a good north video tutorial for start?in this case create a rest of mesh after complete the Armature and rig?In this tutorial is work with Global i need change to local?

thanks for reply

Can i change the mesh only or continue bones and create a mesh or will need create all player mesh?

I do not really understand that context of this question.

Are all players seeing the same (not an equal) scene (maybe via splitscreen/viewports different cameras showing the same scene)?

Or does each player has it’s own instance of the game, which gets synchronized via split screen?

The “just a arms and hands” approach lives from the assumption, the full body is never visible within the individual game. This excludes: mirrors and cameras that would see the missing parts. The benefit is, that you can save quite a lot of renderpower and a lot of modelling time.

In a multi-instance game (typcial network games) where each player has it’s own instance you have to differentiate between “self” and “others”. You can still fulfill the above assumption. It means you do not need to render the complete character of the player. But you need to render the character of the other players. The objects do not even need to be the same.

In a single instance + single scene game, you break the assumption, as the individual cameras can see the player mesh from different perspectives.

So when you want to show a character, yes you need to model them. The single game instance need to models of all visible characters of the individual instance.

I wish create a body mesh to player then rig for use to multiplayer underestand?

i have hands and arms with gunbone have a camera all but can use in multiplayer cause dont have a complete body of player

i need a north in case i start create mesh extruding faces from arms to create a body?

for after extrude bones to rig legs torso foot?

then BGE cant create a multiplayer riged players?

do you even have multiplayer working? you need a working core before you bother with fancy stuff.

well i,m finishing level 3 open world and level 2 and 3 will possible for use with multiplayer pvp with zombies there.
I wish get members here with interest to help me to create the multiplayer players.
if you finish level 1 will have option for continue single player and option for multiplayer pvp deathmatch

It can, but as @Daedalus_MDW said, make one fully working just on one machine, without multiplayer or network involved, and only once this works you should try the more complex stuff online and everything.

Tu as l’air plutôt jeune et plein d’espoir, tu peux faire ton jeu, essaye juste de ne pas griller les étapes :slight_smile:

1: fais marcher en solo ton système de rig, moi je ne sais pas faire.
2: si ça marche en solo, ça marchera en multi.
3: apprendre le réseau, et ça c’est vraiment pas facile. Ce n’est pas impossible, mais va falloir s’accrocher fort et persévérer!

So where are you at when it comes about your rig, does that work locally?

dont know what you telling my fps player have a cillinder object controlling player_rig camera gun bone…

For some reason I was convinced that you were french.

And I don’t know how to help you. I don’t understand your issue. Maybe you just want to learn how to move a mesh or multiple with only one armature.

i dont know how work players in multiplayer mode.
I just created my fps single player. and can just copy Shif + D and spawn this copies in level then will work?
like i said when a create player character use just arms and hands mesh with bones rigged + gunbone for weapons.
I need know how use this character with lags foots torso head mesh for others players look all body understand?