is possible make an actuators one after another

Hi im using blender 2.49a i have a person animation, i want it to walk, stop walking, sit, get up and walk again. But i dont know to do this with python script. The animation starts walkng, then it stops walking. when it does this i need it to sit, but then how can i make it get up and then walk again. Because is i activate all the actuators, he hits with the floor i imagine that he does all the actuators in the same time how can i fixed it. Haow can i make an actuator one after another?

messages maybe?

You can give some exmaple, or a link to see more about these? This is the first time im going to use a message, so im new in this.

Sophie, use timer properties, or frame properties to tell what part of your animation you are at.

A timer property always counts upwards, so you can use it to tell how much time has passed.

Alternately you can set your actuators FrameProp value to a property on the object. That property will always be equal to the current frame of your animation. Then use python to change the animation at certain frames.


con = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = con.owner

actionactuator = con.actuators["actionactuator"]

if object["frameprop"] > 30 and actionactuator.action == "walk":
    actionactuator.action = "sit"


there is a way to do something like this, but with sound actuator?


Some years ago I wrote a tutorial. I never finished it, but the important parts are already there. It is with logic bricks only.
You can find it at

This might help you with your project.

Hi folks

Wouldn’t using states be a better approach ?