Is possible to bake animation driven by constraints to animation curves? (money?)

I have an animation done with a complex rig (several constraints) and I need to export the animation to another 3D Soft, but I can´t because no animation curves for the bones (handled by constraints).

Exists a way to bake the animation? I mean bake the bone rotation to animation curves for each frame?

If no way… How much (money) can cost someone write a script/add-on for me?


P.D: For Blender 2.57

for Armatures you can use “Bake Action”.
Create an empty action for your armature-poseing, this
will get the bone-fcurves baked.
Select the bones in pose mode (or bake all bones)
and press Space-Bar and select “Bake Action”
Enter start-stop frame etc.
To use the action you have to disable all constraints or you might get
(according what constraint is used) doubled effects.

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