Is possible to develop a game on blender?

Is possible to develop a game on blender? I want do develop FPS shotter game .

Blender 2.8 had the game-engine ripped out, so that would probably be 2.79. Or you could try armory 3d which is built on 2.8… That is pretty good, and is under development, but already usable (I believe)… :slight_smile:

Yes, but at what cost?

Cost can be either time, skill, experience, knowledge, … monetary donation - you’re free to invest as you please and are willing :upside_down_face:

nice hit XD


this is not ultra polished yet but I made it UPBBGE 0.2.4


İs this possible to cook the game and publish on steam which one I made?

yeah this game is made in bge ^ ^

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How do you think? İs that possible to make FPS shotter game in blender?

Basically every other game engine would be better than Blender at this point. Unity, Unreal Engine, Lumberyard, Cry Engine, Godot are all free to use for developer. Unreal and CryEngine (i think) takes some % of your profit if you make profit and earn more than a couple thousand, but thats it. All of them have (free) templates which you can build on top of, not to mention their diverse markets where you can download/buy additional tools. Cry Engine /Lumberyard is a game engine made for FPS, Unreal isn’t shabby either, Godot might be a little behind but that is because its the new kid on the block.
If you take this serious i would highly suggest to NOT use Blender.


you say that - but upbge has support now for offscreen buffers / render attachments so a pbr pipe is possible now, differed rendering , SSR.

we do need image based lighting badly though, we have realtime probes but it’s tricky to get good perfs with many reflective objects.

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Round one, FIGHT!

I say that because its true. I have played FPS games from most of the Game Engines i mentioned, Godot being the exception. These engines are proven and mostly solid and they have been for years (again Godot being the exception.)
Using an engine which hasn’t demonstrated its abilities with many shipped products is still a risky endeaveur. Not to mention that you have to start from scratch while you can stand on the shoulders of giants if you use established industry proven products that have lots of developer and money behind it.
The amount of tutorials you’ll get for UE4 and Unity is staggering, which i think is the most important part for a beginner. Its not so much about graphics but the whole package.

I already got unreal engine 4, I getting many crashes and problems like when exporting from blender into ue4, I see bad scales. Like x axis too long, y axis short. So it looks like a s*it.

the answer to the question is YES. you can develop a game blender.

be it the models, or using (up)bge or armory.

never was asked which is best. lets leave it at that.


I really think Godot would be able to pull that off pretty nicely. They have already started implementing the Vulcan API into it. Should be ready for Godot 4. It’s a ways off, but they’ve already made a third person demo with pretty convincing graphics. Also I’ve heard it is really great to work with.

I feel this topic was just created to start a flame war. User ‘trolltime’? no, thanks.

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