Is possible to import Render Settings/Is there a place where one can share and d/l?

Being a noob in rendering it would truly help if I could see and try out some presets… where I would obviously see the end result in a screenshot… Is this like a common practice? Haven’t seen anything around, but yeah, thought this would be a great way to learn about this … Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m just lazy to try it out myself

Render setting are part of the particular .blend file.

Not sure what you’ll see with different render settings as the result will depend on the particular scene (lighting, materials etc) so your result may be very different from any screenshot.

If you’re looking for lighting settings then look for example .blend files form places like blendswap.

The lighting and materials will have a greater effect on the final result than just changing the render setting values

Ah ok, for sure. Thanks for the link suggestion

Either way, is it possible to export/share them? So I may use one setting with different scenes, and so on…

Have a base blend with the render settings you want to use and just append (Shift+F1) your scene from another .blend file into it.

oh… that looks dangerous :slight_smile:

just kidding