is possible using 1 material for two texture?


I think Not , but ask for security

Well I am not a pro at this but isnt that what multiple uv sets are for. Set one texture to a uv set then set another texture to another uv set. We know we can assign multiple textures to a material.

Yes you can. It is like Redikann wrote.

Be aware it might look different in Multitexture and GLSL mode.

Is there any advantage using 1 material with 2 textures, over 2 materials assigned to faces when using GLSL? Any speed improvements or anything like that?

1 material with more textures give you more control and detail to the textures, I think that less materials on the scene better, but you have to keep in mind what sizes of textures you may use to achieve a more well structured scene.

Ok good to know leonnn, thanks

best solution (in my opinion): merge the two textures into one to create a texture atlas, and then just use one single uv-map.

with “multitexture” is definitely possible

but i cannot with GLSL .(see image)

I wrong something or is a limit of GLSL? (i tried in many way , but nothing…:spin:)


Yup, I just tried this as well MarcoIT, and got the same results as you. Is there maybe a different way you have to setup the UV’s or something? I have each UV assigned to the individual textures but cant get any further. What GPU card you using? I’m on my laptop at the moment, which doesnt support GLSL mode that well. Gona try this on desktop later on.

NVIDIA geforce
GLSL work (bit slow maybe but work :wink: )

What is texture atlas?

is simply a big image or something else?

You have all the textures on one texture map, and then use different portions for each image.

After you have made multiple uv maps you need to assign them in the texture property panel.

umh.i tied to put a giant image (5000x5000) but is suuuper slow , i guess can due some crash

ok , i try it Redikann

no way
When I change something on the panel texture,this change for both , cubeA and cubeB (in GLSL)

so, is ever one single texture (or blue or green)

Remember that you only want the uvs for the faces you need to use. If you have the entire model in both uv maps then the last texture in your texture stack will be on top.
You can also set your texture mapping option different so it doesnt repeat. That way any uvs outside of the image wont be mapped on (I believe:confused:)

Maybe I am missing something here but I was sure this was one way of going about this. I cant get it to work on my computer either , so I dont want to send you in circles. The texture atlas method sounds like the more sensible way to go.

well thanks Redikann anyway :wink:

the issue is with GLSL, all work in multitexture, also mix different faces with different texture of the same object … all ever with 1 single material.

but instead nothing of this work in GLSL

so, is not possible with GLSL right? so adding something to the TD name

brief summary:
requirements : 2 cube , 1 material , 2 texture

cubeA with -> materialA + textureA
cubeB with -> materialA + textureB

this IS POSSIBLE with multitexture mode(tested) , but with GLSL not…right?