is radar working on 2.49/2.49a ?

I’m sorry for that post, and I feel a bit stupid…but I can’t find the info :

I don’t manage to make radar work.
(actor is set, prop configured, the ray sensor works fine with the same conf, the radar obj is an empty…)
here is a very simple blend with the -wrong- way I configure it. issue.blend

thanks for help :confused:

your link show a 404
Anyway “radar” is working for me!
Check if the object that carries the “radar” sensor is a “Dynamic” one, that the sensor “axis” setting, is pointing in the “good” direction ( usually the +Y one), and that the “searched” object have at least the “Actor” setting enabled!

bwaaahhh… thanks… :slight_smile:
ray works with any object with the corresponding property, but radar only see actors object…
ps : the obj. that carries the radar can be anything you like