Is Scene/CM/Exposure supposed to be relative?


I’m using 2.79s Filmic and I’m assembling sets of 4 renders per image (4 angles, so 16 images total). I’m assembling them in the World nodes using Window Coords to drive them (Generated for a Panoramic angle). I can adjust multiplier for each subimage (i.e. I might want to turn off the hallway lights or equipment lights), so it’s not something I can’t get around.

But each time I preview an colormix/add output the Scene/Color Management/Exposure seems to be reset to 0, but the value shown doesn’t reflect it.

So basically, exposure 0, preview a node and everything looks ok.
Increase exposure to 10 and everything goes white as expected. But preview another node and everything looks good again while exposure still reads 10.

All images are OpenEXR. Is this a bug, or is exposure control supposed to work in a relative fashion like this?

Sounds like a bug to me, or at least unexpected behavior. Personally I would also expect it to work as you described. What happens if you set the exposure to 0 after previewing different node? Does the image get dark or nothing happens?

Then it gets dark again. I think it’s just my workflow that is kinda messed up, being done in world texture space rather than in comp where it belongs.