Is sculpting in recent trunk (with BMesh) very buggy ?

Hi gents

I was working in the sculpt mode and my simple model crashed left and right. I am not sure what the cause is. I recently mainly work with the BMesh trunk and cannot use something different.

Can anybody maybe see if their recent blender builds crash with this model as well?



No crashes here with Blender r45458 (I built it yesterday I think). Sculpt works, subdivide on the multires works. Normals are kinda weird so it makes the brushes act in reverse, but no crashing.

Wasn’t able to reproduce a crash here. Where are you getting your build from (and how recent is it?) Other potentially important info: OS, graphics card, and whether VBO is enabled or not.

Of course, if you can use a debugger to get a stack trace, that’d be very helpful.

In this case, both normal issues are at play – the normals on the base mesh are inverted (can be fixed with Ctrl+N in edit mode) and the mesh is thin, so the brush sphere catches both sides. This can be avoided by hiding either the top or bottom of the mesh with partial visibility (H key) in sculpt mode.


it still crashes. The normals are fixed (did not notice it) I hide geometry, I also put the sculpt mesh into a new object so it is just flat.
But it still crashes after a few strokes.

Could you use a crash report?

I am on OS X Lion MacBookPro
Blender 2.62.3

here is a screencast showing it happen - this time it took a brush more to crash

That seems like a pretty old build in Blender terms, latest fish build on is 45473. Is it possible to try a newer one?

The official Blender 2.62.0 r44136 works fine actually also faster with sculpting. Bashi’s build from Graphicall 2.62.3 r45474 produces the same some crash in a heart beat. So I guess something must have changed. There is no other OS X build to test online. :frowning:

Unfortunately a really huge number of things have changed – really the only way to move forward on this issue is to get a stack trace. I’m not sure if that’s included in the crash report you mentioned? (Not too familiar with OSX stuff.)

Hey Nicholas

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for - this is the crash report.

OS X Finder crash report

Yep, that’s the info I was looking for. From looking at that, it’s possible the crash is related to OpenMP. Could you try disabling the ‘Threaded Sculpt’ checkbox in sculpt options and see if it still crashes?


thank you for looking into this. Disabling the threaded function stopped the crashes!

Thanks for testing. I’ve reported this as a bug in the tracker, hopefully a dev with OS X can look into why threaded sculpt fails.

No problem I should thank you for helping me.


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